invitemycelebrity.com domain owned by Yeap Projects Pv.Ltd. and it's partners are V.Bhavaghni Founder Partner and V.T.Bhaskara Rao Associate Partner, and was established as Startup company under 'Limited Liability Partnership' registered as Yeap Projects Pvt.Ltd. with the registrar of companies-Hyderabad.

V Bhavaghni-Founder Partner is an Architect from Andhra University-Visakhapatnam, with excellent academic record from city of destiny- Visakhapatnam

She intended to start this project with a specific motto of service and support to the needy.

V T Bhaskara Rao-Associate Partner is an Engineering Contractor and an Industrialist owned an MSME of Industrial Paint Manufacturing Unit with a registred brand 'Rayon Paints' in Visakhapatnam and he is from East Godavari District, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

He was impressed by the motto behind it when explained by Bhavaghni, and took oath to lead and support in establishing it and to see that it shall reach it's goal.

Motto of the Organization

To make celebrities, vips, intellectuals, scientists, politicians, social activists, actors, singers, performers, farmers, sports persons, retired officials who else every specialised personality is a celebrity as guests to those hosts who intend to have them as their vip guests, there by guests those who really are in need of support of any kind to have from hosts as return gifts.

To act as a bridge between guests and hosts in a cordial and respectable environment.
There by the guests be benifitted from hosts by making some consideration.

To support aged celebrities by providing financial support to those who are in need and crisis, by sharing the income earned from "advertisments space.".

To expand its services to every corner of the world.